the cross is where our forgiveness was gained

Are You Doing it Like Jesus Would?

There’s no question that the world has many misconceptions about exactly what constitutes Christian belief in this day and age. Atheists, and even many agnostics, would have you believe that “hardline” Christian morality is responsible for a long litany of problems in this world.

However, is a belief in the Jesus Christ we know from our Bible consistent with a stance of discrimination and intolerance? Of course not.

God is perfect, and you could certainly make the argument that he is completely unforgiving about what constitutes sin as we’ve read it in our Bibles. But, he sent Christ here to die a painful and humiliating death on our behalf.

Not one of us is free of sin! And without the atonement gained by the death of Jesus, not one of us could stand before a complete and perfect God with any hope of admittance to heaven.

Therefore, authentic Christians don’t come anywhere close to passing judgment on others. In a world where we are all equally sinful in the eyes of God, what’s the point?

For that reason, we operate under the umbrella of Freedom Broadcasting, which generally supports a conservative/Christian point of view that is healthy and encouraging. No part of our message is given to chastisement or condemnation.

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